The most beautiful TV presenter the paparazzi photographed Topless

The most beautiful TV presenter the paparazzi photographed Topless One of the most beautiful TV presenters in the world is French, Melissa Saario and her husband of the famous French comedian Jamel Debut ("Amelie" and "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra") spent a few days in Corsica.Leading news outlets, which due to their attractiveness known outside of France, strolled along the beach Topless and it was revealed that the couple is soon expecting a baby.Pictures of the happy couple with the beach got on the pages of one of the glossy magazines.When this edition is particularly emphasized by the white arrow, the actor's hand, with a whip hanging on the shoulder of his wife. In childhood Debus hurt his arm playing on the railroad tracks, and always keeps the right sleeve pocket.The couple did not hesitate others, predecision pleasures right under the lenses of the paparazzi.However, before the pregnancy, Melissa Saario was not Puritanism.Her habit of sunbathing Topless always enjoyed increased attention from the paparazzi.However, more than Melissa to support the title of the most beautiful TV presenter in the world, as not only tried-and-true method. Source: the Most beautiful TV presenter the paparazzi photographed Topless (photo). . . . Читать полностью -->

Brad pitt wants to establish a state

Brad pitt wants to establish a stateBrad pitt said he was willing to create their own country and nation. On this bright idea he and angelina got overgrown family: the couple now 6 children, along with mom and dad in the family - 8 people, plus all sorts of nanny-bodyguard - indeed, formed the present mini-state!Brad jokes that lately they are traveling so much that without their own country, they can not do."I feel myself a citizen of the world. We should definitely create their own country! We have beautiful homes around the world, so us everywhere, wherever we came. In General, I love to travel - it gives you a feeling of true freedom, we love this part of our lives.". . . Читать полностью -->

Published diaries of the deceased supermodel

Published diaries of the deceased supermodelMore interesting details acquires the suicide of a famous model Ruslana Korshunova. Beautiful a native of Kazakhstan fell from the window of his apartment on the ninth floor in the Central part of new York, on Manhattan island.While the police are inclined to the version of suicide, as there Korshunova was not found traces of a struggle. However could not find a suicide note, which would explain the suicide girls.In the version of suicide can't believe neither relatives nor friends of the girl, who argue that Korshunova showed no signs of depression. However, it was found that prior to her death months model on the websites of various social networks and online journals such as,, repeatedly made the recording, allowing to suspect her deep depression."Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh without restraint. And never worry about what makes you smile" - expressed their emotions Korshunova in a small poem. Mannequin wrote that love is "blind", "soul burn" and "always the answer".In his Epistles Korshunova constantly passed from Russian to English and English to Russian, but love always remains the main theme of her reasoning regardless of the language selected, writes the Daily news. Читать полностью -->

Alexei Leonov was in intensive care

Alexei Leonov was in intensive careThe 74-year-old Alexey Arkhipovich serious heart problems. With a diagnosis of acute heart failure" he was hospitalized in coronary care.Alexei Leonov was taken to one of the elite hospitals of the capital. The status of a living legend that first went into space, it was so heavy that he couldn't move. 74-year-old Alexei A. in the office had to be lifted on a stretcher. In the coronary care Leonova directly connected to devices that support the viability of the organism. Читать полностью -->

A third British lesbian dreams about Sharapova

A third British lesbian dreams about SharapovaThe first racket of the world Maria Sharapova walked her compatriot Anna kournikova in the survey among the representatives of sexual minorities in the UK. For the best Russian tennis player voted by 33 percent of respondents.Our ladies are easily bypassed U.S. representative Serena Williams, who got 14 percent of the vote, according to Agency ANI. Fourth place went to Martina Hingis, famous for its gay. Honorable fifth place went to Serbian player Ana Ivanovic.Note that British gays, in turn, picks favorite players, overwhelmingly inclined towards the midfielder Portugal and Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo, who took the palm from the England captain David Beckham, reports the juicy details Source: a Third of British lesbian dreams about Sharapova. Читать полностью -->

Student Goya attributed the authorship of the painting `the Colossus`

Student Goya attributed the authorship of the painting `the Colossus`Stored in the Madrid Prado painting Francisco Goya's "the Colossus" re-attributed: canvas, most likely, belongs to the brush of Asensio Juli (Asensio Juli), a disciple of the great Spanish painter.The final findings, the Directorate Prado is going to float in the Museum's Yearbook, writes The Guardian.According to performed the attribution Jose Luis Diaz, curator in the Department of art of the nineteenth century in the Prado, on the authorship of "the Colossus" indicate the initials AJ in the lower left corner of the picture. They signed their work of Asensio Juli, who worked together with Goya on the frescoes of the Madrid Church of San Antonio de Florida.With the findings of Diaz not agree with some critics, in particular, British judge Nigel Glendinning. He was confident that the initials "AJ" should read-figure XVIII. Under this number in the catalogue Goya 1812 is a picture of "Giant" (the second name "Colossus"). In addition, Glendinning, convinced that the quality of "Colossus" is too high for the artist level Asensio Juli. Source: Student Goya attributed the authorship of the painting "the Colossus"". Читать полностью -->

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